Marat Shaken

2011 - author of the project, a service for complaints from students about bribe-taking at universities. Grand Prix of Bar Camp Central Asia in the nomination "Best Startup of 2011".

2012-2014 - work on the corporate website Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The award is the best corporate site at the national Internet award

2012-2014 - led the work of 300 volunteers of the Google Translate Community, as a result of which the Kazakh language was included in the Google Translate translation service. I enter the official top 1% of people around the world who have contributed to the development of Google Translate.

2015-2017 - led marketing and PR at Zero to One Labs, nFactorial Incubator.

2015-2019 - Kazakhstan observer He interviewed IT entrepreneurs, businessmen, authors of books, etc.

2017-2019 - Chief Editor at the Astana Hub International Technology Park of IT Startups.

2019 - author of Telegram channel number 1 in the field of IT and startups in Kazakhstan @thetechkz. Letters of thanks from the Minister of Public Development and the head of the AIFC fintech hub.

Columnist of the-steppe, the-village, esquire, weproject and other publications in different years.

Currently, the clients of my channel and website telegrams are Astana Hub, Visa, Yandex, Kazakhtelecom, Kcell, Bolt, BTS Digital and other companies.

Languages: Kazakh, English and Russian

Level of startups of interest: Idea, MVP / Prototype, Working product

ype of mentoring: offline and online

Country: Kazakhstan

Competence: Growth Hacking

Competence: Marketing/Digital marketing

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