Yerlan Minavar

I am a tech and product person and a true citizen of the world. I have been coding since my early teens and have a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. I had a missguided foray into investment banking early in my career, but was convinced to drop it all and went on to build businesses in some of the toughest markets in the world. After completing my MBA from INSEAD, I lead software development and growth at a successful Singapore based ad tech startup. I secured investments from a number of startup accelerators, including Reid Hoffman backed Entrepreneur First and Global Venture Alliance. To stay sane and organized, I meditate and do lots of sports including football, swimming, long distance running and crossfit.

Languages: Kazakh, English, Russian

Level of startups of interest: Idea; Prototype; MVP; Working product

ype of mentoring: online and offline

Country: Kazakhstan

Competence: AI / Machine Learning / Data

Competence: Business Development

Competence: Fundraising

Competence: HR / Team building

Competence: Marketing/Digital marketing

Competence: Venture Investments

Competence: Legal

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