Sanjar Taromi

Sanjar Taromi is an entrepreneur who has largely been involved in the field of sustainable agriculture and wastewater treatment since 2009. He has started companies involved in vertical farming (hydro; aeroponics), greenhouse cultivation, biological wastewater treatment, and organic fertilizer production. As Chief Marketing Officer he assisted Biofiltro, a Chile based waster water treatment company, establish a foreign HQ and operations in California, USA. He has recently joined Plug and Play Tech Center as a Country Manager to bring his business development experience to launching Plug and Play Kazakhstan.

Languages: English

Level of startups of interest: Idea; Prototype; MVP; Working product

ype of mentoring: online

Competence: Business Development

Competence: Marketing/Digital marketing

Competence: Venture Investments

Competence: Fundraising

Competence: HR / Team building

Competence: Time Management

Country: Kazakhstan

Country: USA

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