Nikolay Popandopulo

University: Saint Petersburg State University, June 2006
Faculty: Mathematics and Mechanics
Specialization: Mathematician, IT Systems developer

Company: Korus Consulting, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Position: IT Consultant
Period of employment: 2005-2006

Company: Asia-Soft, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Position: IT Consultant, Project Manager
Period of employment: 2007-2008

Company: Oracle, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Position: Project Manager, Solution Architect
Period of employment: 2008-2017

Company: SAP, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Position: Senior Solution Architect
Period of employment: 2017 - present

Languages: English, Russian

Level of startups of interest: MVP / Prototype, Working business

ype of mentoring: online and offline

Country: Kazakhstan

Competence: IT-Architecture

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