Pavlo Sidelov

- I'm in the development of financial products and services, everything that is called core payments, for more than 15 years. Within the last three-four years, we are actively developing such sphere as online-banking, neo-banking, which is a logical progression of current banking.
- I have registered and obtained several patents in payment technology and payment methods
- Author of the book, which is proudly in the list of the Best 54 Fintech Books. This book is more like a practical guide, that explains the basics: what payments and transfers consist of, about wallets and cards, how this all works etc.
- Independent consultant of OSCE, department of the United Nations for financial and cyber crimes;
- I act as a mentor for some start-ups, incubators, in trainings and workshops. Sometimes I consult teams developing fintech products to find the right business model, or warn about possible risks and problems which we have already faced before.
- Currently I am studying for my Ph.D. degree
- Two of my most known projects, which I am currently busy with are - a platform for development of different fintech products and our new service - WalletAPI

Languages: English, Russian

Level of startups of interest: Idea level, MVP / Prototype, Working business

ype of mentoring: online

Country: Lithuania

Country: Ukraine

Competence: Fintech

Competence: Loyalty Program

Competence: Banking

Competence: Blockchain

Competence: AI / Machine Learning / Data

Competence: E-Commerce

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