Sandugash Sembinova

I am Kazakh by origin, Dutch by citizenship and I consider myself as international by mindset. I have lived, studied and worked in six countries, including Kazakhstan, The USA, Russia, the Netherlands, UK and Italy. Currently I reside in the Hague, the Netherlands with my son, who is a student in the Hague University.
During the 20 years of experience that I have gained in multinational companies while working in Europe in the oil gas and financial services industry, I have developed a skillset , which is based on:
• leading outsourcing relationships,
• implementation of cost cutting strategies,
• client/supplier relationship strategy and
• digital procurement.
In recent years, I have been mainly focusing on the set up and transformation of procurement and contract management functions, activities and teams during major shifts in business strategies of companies, such as post IPO phase in NIBC Bank in 2018 , going through mergers and acquisitions in InterTrust Group BV. and establishment of the worldwide Contract Management Centre in ENI Head Quarters in 2011.
While following my main professional path and negotiating on a daily basis with the representatives of diverse countries and background, I have developed a natural interest in subjects, such as how to thrive and succeed in a multinational environment, what makes women empowered, what kind of leadership should be at the time of disruptive technologies and how to keep balance and vitality in the office. Considering that I dedicate most of my spare time to research literature, latest news and attend conferences, workshops and meet successful speakers. This enables me while coaching and mentoring colleagues, to discuss development of soft skills, such as time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, wellness, stress releasing techniques, and conflict resolution.

Languages: English, Russian

Level of startups of interest: MVP, Working product

ype of mentoring: online

Country: Netherlands

Competence: Business Development

Competence: Banking

Competence: HR / Team building

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