Taras Mykhalyshyn

Seasoned professional with an extensive expertise in jumpstarting and orchestrating ambitious Consumer Finance and Retail Banking product development and delivery initiatives that are in tune with current segment needs. Combine strategic insight with deep understanding of P&L drivers and market awareness to roll-out innovative business development solutions, and scale them to maximise ROI at optimum cost. Excel at re-energising stagnating programs, providing sustainable solutions to business challenges. Competently navigate new environments and synthesise market data into actionable strategies that propel achievement of set market penetration and product sales objectives.

My career is devoted to financial services and financial inclusion. Over the course of last 12 years, I have worked on consumer lending projects on emerging markets, on different stages of development. Directly managed development and growth of lending product line of of one of the most successful private lenders in South East Asia. Recently shifted focus from product management with elements of fintech to nurturing innovative business models and incorporating them into traditional, running businesses.

Languages: Russian, English

Level of startups of interest: Idea level, MVP / Prototype

ype of mentoring: online

Country: Vietnam

Competence: Business Development

Competence: Fintech

Competence: Telecom

Competence: Retail

Competence: Banking

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